What makes us

We'll work together to come up with a plan

We don’t charge you for proposals. We will ask the hard questions to make sure your app and the business model that powers it is a success.

We'll spell out your entire project before work begins

We don’t bill you by the hour. We will meet with you weekly and bi-weekly throughout the course of your project.

We'll collaborate throughout your project

With industry-leading tools like Jira, Figma & Slack, we’ll make sure that you’re a part of building something incredible together — no matter how far apart we are.

We'll plot a roadmap to success

Our team offers full transparency into your project, providing you with access to the very same tools we use ourselves to Make It App’n!®

We'll support your app as it grows

App launch is just the beginning. We offer ongoing maintenance post-launch and will help you determine when its time to head back to the drawing board for V2.


Why partner with us?

We know choosing an app developer is not easy. But from the moment you meet us, you’ll notice there’s something different about us. Your success is our success. We offer you our expertise, experience, and our knowledge of what’s coming.

We believe app development should be a collaborative process; between you, the brilliant idea-haver and us, your passionate idea-maker! Our goal is to become an extension of your own team throughout your project duration.

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We’ve had the honor of partnering
with many clients

Our team has evolved and learned so much since we started this mission.

We’ve partnered with over 400+ companies and entrepreneurs across a wide variety of industries. With our diversified expertise and your incredible idea, it’s safe to say your app is in good hands.

Transparency is something we value. We don’t want to be an agency that builds something just to get your money. We aren’t afraid to tell you if your idea isn’t as viable as you hoped it would be. At the end of the day, we want you to succeed. It’s one of the reasons we launched an alternate development model that’s more affordable for startups and small businesses; by offshoring programming, instead of using our core US-based team.

And that transparency goes both ways. We truly value our partner’s feedback above all else and welcome any opportunity to improve upon our craft.

At some agencies, you’re just another
project, another client…

But we know you’re looking for something more.

You’re looking for a partnership, and we are too!

At HindTech It Solutions you’ll be working remotely with a team that has the drive to match yours; from strategy to design, development, and testing–all the way to app launch. But our partnership doesn’t have to end there, with our ongoing hourly app maintenance.

Why Our Partners Love Us

Thanks HindTech It Solutions for great support on our project. They not only showed their commitment and hard work in our project, but also helped us take care of some points that got missed by us and did not belong to their scope. It is a great help if the objective is in making the service successful, instead of just completing the project. The experience working with HindTech is great. Thanks and please keep on the same service and accountability!
Great work!!! The team was solid, efficient and knowledgeable. They did an amazing job on my very challenging app. I will be using them again. Thank you for doing such a great job!
Our cooperation on iOS and Android APP with HindTech It Solutions couldn’t have gone smoother. The HindTech team had detailed questions and feedback after we had presented our APP concepts and framework. HindTech's attention to detail helped to sharply define the project and its workflow, resulting in accurate and speedy deliverables. We look forward to cooperating with HindTech It Solutions again.
HindTech It Solutions provides a high standard of service. They are quick to address questions and concerns and produce quality work.We look forward to working with them in the future.

Let’s build a next-generation
application together

We will work alongside you to come up with the game plan your app deserves from day one.

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